SINCE 1965

Don Condhales
Born in Montevideo, Uraguay in 1917. After the success of his first exhibition the government granted the artist a scholarship to study in Italy under the famous artist Professor Casandro of Naples. He was then invited to be received by Pope Pius XII, and subsequently painted his Holiness.In 1958 he began a tour of the world. While exhibiting at the Peruvian-American Salon in Lima, President John Kennedy instructed his special envoy John Schlessinger to invite the artist to send his paintings to Washington, D.C. to be on permanent exhibition at the Galleries of the Pan American Union.In 1962 he arrived in Paris and exhibited his paintings for the following two years. In Germany he was invited to paint Konrad Adenauer's portrait.From Holland he left for the U.S. and for the next eight years, lived and exhibited in Texas and California. He left for Spain for a short time and in 1973 returned to Los Angeles.


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