SINCE 1965

Allan Murray
Born in Luton, England 1945. Came to the US from Canada at the age of 13. While in high school, he entered a juried competition and was awarded the presidents Trophy from the prestigious San Fernando Valley Association in Los Angeles. He was the youngest artist to win the honor and his painting also took first prize. After graduating from art school he was drafted into the US Army where he made bombing maps and allied subjects. Photos of his portraits of Army personnel appeared in the First Infantry Brigade News. In late 1968 he returned to Los Angeles and for the next two years worked for the studios of Hanna-Barbera. He designed and painted backgrounds for the popular animated series Yogi Bear and the Flintstones. In 1975 he was selected by jury to be one of American Painters in Paris Exhibition. In the early 1980's his paintings were published in limited editions and a number of paintings won awards as collector plates and porcelain figures. Continuing to work in both pastel and oil, his mature paintings were soon sought after by Hollywood celebrities. His finely rendered paintings consume many months of his time before completion, and in all his paintings his work embraces the emotions of the soul.


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"Garden Treasure"


"With Love and Devotion"
"Glowing Beauty"
"A Thousand Words"
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