SINCE 1965

Harry Myers

Born in Iowa in 1910. Studied at the Cumming School of Art in Des Moines, Iowa, and participated in local exhibits winning a number of awards and honors. He then attended the Chouinard School of Design in Los Angeles for one year after which he returned to Iowa and studied at the Stone City Art School under Grant Wood and Adrian Dornsbush. He won a scholarship to study figure painting under John Carroll at the Society of Arts and Crafts in Detroit. He worked for several years in the advertising art business in Chicago and continued his work as an illustrator in the Navy during World War II. After his honorable discharge he continued his studies in New York at the Ozenfant School of Art. He gradually began to draw upon his store of children memories which led to a great many paintings of children as he had known them. His soft delicate impressions of children at play and ballerinas were collected throughout the world. During a lifetime of painting he completed 2000 paintings and drawings. Because of his brilliant color he was often compared to Renoir and is considered one of America's finest impressionists. His work is listed and illustrated with the world's greatest art masterpieces in the publication, "Art Collecting For Pleasure And Profit," with an introduction by Huntington Hartford. His works are available in oils ,drawings and limited edition prints.



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