SINCE 1965

Polia Pillen
Born in Poland in 1901. Studied at the Jewish People's Institute, The Studio of Todros Geller, and Hull House Art Center, all in Chicago. Her family emigrated to Chicago when she was 15, and at the age of 20, she married and moved to Espaniola in New Mexico. With the arrival of a son the Pillins moved back to Chicago where she continued to paint in watercolor and oil. A one man show in the Chicago Art Institute received encouraging reviews inluding favorable comments by Frank Holland, art critic for the Chicago Sun Times. Upon visiting an Oriental collection of pottery at the Insitute, she became fascinated by the glazes and forms of the bowls and vases. Within 6 weeks of classes in pottery where she learned various techinques her formal training was over. Aside from that experience the artist was entirely self taught. In 1948 the Pillins moved to Los Angeles where they established a pottery studio.Her works are in the collection of the Long Beach Museum, Dallas Art Musuem, Syracuse Museum, University of Maine, Otis Art Institute, and many public and private collections. Memberships included the San Francisco Art Association, Califronia Watercolor Society, American Ceramic Society and the American Craftsmen's Council. Articles and illustrated essays include Arts & Architecture, American Artist,The Arts, Los Angeles Times, Trace, Craftsmen of the Southwest Annual plus other periodicals. Exhibitions include the San Francisco Art Museum, Denver Art Museum, Portland Art Museum, Cooper Union, N.Y.C., University of Illinois, Butler Art Institute, Oakland Art Museum, Scripps College, Ohio University, Seattle Art Museum, Wichita Art Museum, Cincinnati Art Museum, De Young Art Museum, plus others.


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