SINCE 1965

Adolph Sehring
Adolph Sehring: Born in Russia in 1930. Nine years later his family moved to Berlin where he won many art awards from age fifteen to seventeen. He studied at Berlin Academy of Art. At the age of twenty his fanily moved to Philadelphia. After serving in the Korean War where he worked in Combat Intelligence, drawing maps, he started a furniture import business in 1954. He moved to Virginia in 1971 and his realistic paintings of rural life were bought by collectors throughout the world. Continued interest in his paintings led to important commissions. He is best known for his countryside paintings of young children at liesure, and for his still-life paintings. His work is in the permanent collection of the American Embassy of Rome, The Papel Portraits of the Vatican Collection, Bayly Museum, University of Virginia, Chrysler Museum, The Institute of Eastern Culture, Mellon Collection, Temple University, U.S. Department of Arts for Embassy Collections and others.


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